An open letter to Mr Dav Whatmore

Dear Mr Whatmore

Good day.

First of all I would like to thank you for what you have done for our team. I know your effort and hard work deserve much more than that but that is only I can convey. I know that you are a great coach and with such profile as yours you will be one of the top choices for other countries to have you as their coach.

Being a Bangladeshi I believe our team has a great potential to be one of the best team in near future. Our players are very comfortable to have you as their coach. From what I feel Bangladesh team will need you to be there with them for as long as possible and it will be really sad to see you leave, especially at the time when our team is starting to evolve. I will really hope that you will continue your service for our team and guide us towards a bright future in Cricket. I also believe Bangladesh Cricket Board will be keen to renew your contract and will be more than happy to do so.

This post in my blog is a very small effort to reach out to you. But I hope, if somehow my message gets to you, you will consider extending your stay with us.

With best regards,

Ehsanul Haque

Something is missing…

Is there anything missing? Well there is, a big part of my heart, left behind in Bangladesh. Yes, I’m in Canada
now! Miss everything that I had back home.

I was supposed to fly on Friday but due to some problem with Air India we had to cancel their ticket and buy a new for Cathy Pacific. Flight was scheduled for Thursday night. We (my father and I) managed to buy new tickets, get new endorsements in a day. We still had a lot of packing up remaining. That we started on Thursday morning. I was really happy when Tithi (my fiancé) came with her mother and sister to visit us. They stayed for a long time and Tithi stayed with me until I reached Air Port.

Well it was a very long route to Canada and must say was not a good one. It was very bad and hopeless service at Cathy Pacific. I traveled with Singapore, Thai, Malaysian, British airways before but never had this kind of bad service. Anyway when I first saw my brother after 7 years it was a good feeling. I really missed him a lot. When we left Air Port premises and entered the city, it felt like I was back to Australia. Everything was alike Melbourne. The weather is cold here. But not for my brother but for us it is.

BTW, I’m using my new laptop. Dell Inpiron I6400. My brother bought it for me before I came here. Its an awesome laptop. Here is a small configuration detail:

Intel Centrino Duo T2400 1.83GHz
Windows Home Edition SP2 (Windows Vista capable)
15.4 Inch Wide Screen
1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz, 2 Dimm
80GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
8X CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer4 DVD+R
write capability
128MB ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X1300 HyperMemory™
Dell Wireless 1390 802.11b/g Mini Card (54Mbps)
…any few other stuffs….

And what can I say about internet connection! Back home I used to be happy when
at some point I got 4/5 KBps speed. It was a dream comes true. I remember when
I first downloaded Yahoo Messenger 8 at a speed of 2/3KBps it took me around
3/4 hours (probably more). Here I downloaded it in less than a minute! I’ve
just checked the speed and it gives me download speed of 192KBps and upload of
around 55KBps. Great isn’t it? I’m using wireless connection. Life is lot
easier here if you have a good job and good money. I hope to get a good job
soon. I’m just getting ready to apply for jobs.

Anyway besides all the good things I’m blessed with here in Canada,
I still miss my time in Bangladesh.
I know my country has a lot of problems, but the root belongs there. I will
hopefully go back to Bangladesh
very soon.


My Blog Feed on

I’ve already Thanked Hasin for brining us the beautiful service like FeedPHP. Now special thanks goes to him for adding my Blog feed to the PHP Blogs section.

I hope to get more resourceful content in my blog but these days I’m a little caught up with other issues. As soon as I’m off them and free, I will start adding more contents.

Thanks once again Hasin for being so supportive.

~~GOD BlEsS~~