WordPress Plugin: Recently Updated Pages

Today I’ve released a WordPress plugin called “Recently Updated Pages” which is a WordPress Widget that displays your recently updated page list on the sidebar.

I was looking for a similar plugin but after searching for a while I wanted to write my own plugin. I followed some instructions on couple of websites and created this plugin. It uses WP_Widget class from WordPress core and extends it to build the widget. You can download it form WordPress Plugin page at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/recently-updated-pages/

In case if you want to make a small donation you could do so at http://resource.bdwebwork.com/WordpressPlugins/RecentlyUpdatedPages/



I’ve updated the plugin and committed the latest version (1.0.1) to WordPress plugin directory. The updated version will allow users to include list of blog Posts in the Recently Updated list. Originally the plugin only displayed list of updated Pages and now with this optional choice you can toggle between the option.

Patch for Grab Yahoo class released

Last week suddenly my Grab Yahoo class stopped working for Address Book section. After Mr Mandy Singh reported the bug on phpclasses.org discussion board I started digging to resolve the issue.

When requesting the address book CSV from Yahoo a value for the key “crumb” is sent in the query string. Earlier Yahoo never checked for the validity of the variable but they have changed the way it is used. Now they check if the value for “crumb” is valid or not. As my script was using a predefined value and it has expired, Yahoo server could not validate. Yahoo was showing an error stating “Invalid or missing crumb”.

I modified my class so that it first loads the page from where request for the CSV is made. From the source of the page, it locates the latest value for crumb assigned by Yahoo and uses that value to send request for the address book CSV file. It is now working as expected. If you find any bug please report it on phpclasses.org discussion board.

Please download the latest version of Grab Yahoo class (v. 1.2.1) here.

Thank you.