Grab Yahoo class revived

Finally after months of waiting I’ve updated Grab Yahoo class on and

Thanks to Ovidiu who fixed the latest problem. I’ve tested it and is working as expected. The demo is running and latest code can either be downloaded from or

Thanks 🙂

Image Menu using Moo Tools

It is called Image Menu and uses Moo Tools. I found this example on which is a vault for Ajax, Javascript and DHTML examples. The demo is located at and it also lists the features, usages and options.

After I downloaded the Javascript and CSS I changed the menu of my own site. With the new funky looking menu, I’ve decided to change the whole theme of the site and now it looks like this. I am not sure how long this will last, as I’ve tried many funky stuff before but eventually I turn back to my old and simple looking site. Try it yourself and have fun.