Redirect with .htaccess file

Ever wanted to redirect users from one domain to other or one sub-domain to other without compromising the the file path or query string variables? I’ve come across the requirement when I published my WordPress blog.

For testing, I initially installed WordPress on a testing sub-domain, where I imported all the blog entries and added blog-roll links. After doing so, picked up my entries for Grab Yahoo, LinkMeIn and MySpace profile updater as track-back links. Later when I switched to my main sub-domain, I’d to find a way to keep the track-back links as is, and redirect users to the proper locations. The trick was done by .htaccess file.

After reading the apache’s documentation on mod_rewrite module, I’ve successfully implemented it. If you want people accessing to go to then in the root of sub1 (first sub-domain) create a .htaccess file and add the following lines:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (.*)$1

I have not read much and not sure if there’s any other option to do this more efficiently; but this trick has served my purpose.

My Blog is now Powered by WordPress

My blog is now powered by WordPress. Since I launched my website, since 2000, I’ve always maintained my own design; even I’ve developed a blog so that I can shape it the way I want. But these days I don’t even have time to write something on my blog and to come up with a new design is something that is kind of IMPOSSIBLE.

So, the thing I’ve decided to do is what you see now. I’ve installed WordPress on my server and just finished importing all my blog entries, setup the pages and, of course, choose the theme. Choosing theme was one of the biggest and time consuming part of this whole process. I always like simple but eye catching design. I don’t know if this design is eye catching to you (the reader) but I really liked it. First time I saw this theme on Lokesh Dhakar‘s website, developer of Lightbox script used to overlay images.

After installing WordPress, I’ve been trying to explore different things it offers; different plug-ins, themes, widgets etc. I’ve never used WordPress but the experience so far is good. It has some nice features, which I’ve always wanted to implement on my custom made blog. Now that I’ve decided to use WordPress, it will make my life easier, I hope. I know to add a new page or post is going to be smooth but not sure about choosing new theme. I don’t like to hang around with a single design for a long time. I hope that will be smooth as well

Thank you!

Where have I been?

It has been a long time since I last posted anything on the blog. Thanks to those who cared to email me for not writing anything. Well I have been very busy for last few months. In May I was preparing to go to Bangladesh. Initially my parents were supposed to go back to Bangladesh but unfortunately they could not go. Due to the accident that my father had few moths back doctor asked him to stay for few more months. Well I left on June 9th with my eldest brother, who migrated to Canada with us (my parents and me) last year.

After a shocking and disappointing 41 hours flight back to Bangladesh on Etihad Airways I had to start shopping from very next day! I didn’t even have time to contact anyone. Everyone had to come and wait for me at Kolahal (my house’s name in Dhaka). I would like to apologize to many of you whom I should have contacted and met. I promise to do so next time I visit.

Well on 22nd June a reception party was held. Some pictures from the party is on my account. After that Tithi (my wife), Shakhhar (my cousin), Pia (Shakkhar’s wife) and Mishuk (my another cousin) decided to visit our village at Shahjadpur. We had only one night to stay there and two whole days to spend. We had most out of our time there. Took around 832 pictures during that trip. Few of the pictures are on now.

Well as we all know time goes by just like that. It was a good trip, yet was so short. I feel I should have done a lot more than what I have done this time. I wish I had more time to spend there. On 3rd July I took the flight back to Canada with Tithi. Now she is here with me. She is doing good here but misses her family, friends and funs. Hope we can fulfill our hopes and dreams.

It was really good to be back to my own land. I hope to return to it for good, very soon!

New Design for My Site…

Here it is…my site’s new design, with a BLOG.

This Blog looks alike to other blogs but purely coded and implemented by me. Soon I will release a version to download, which you will be able to install easily. Just like other packages you will find on net. If you feel any further add-ons requried to this blog, please feel free to post a comment or send me a message. I will be glad to hear from you.

Hope you all will like my latest effort with the design and content.

Thanks and God Bless!!