About Me

Hello, my name is Ehsanul Haque. Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh – I am currently living in Toronto, Canada. I am working as Server Operations Lead (Lead Programmer) at Beeline Interactive Inc. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Charles Sturt University in Australia.

After I completed my studies in 2003, I went back to Bangladesh and worked for few software companies, all of them were US based with branch running in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2006 I moved to Canada as Permanent Resident. Later that year I got married and my wife moved to Canada in 2007. We are now proud parents of two beautiful daughters.

Beside my day to day I.T. job I try to contribute to different open source forums, groups and communities. I have extensive understanding of WordPress and have published two plugins. I’ve published also published some PHP classes, codes to different places like Weberdev.com, PHPClasses.org etc.

As a part time hobby I always carry my camera and love to take pictures of interesting things I find. Interesting things range from beautiful sunset to my daughter making faces. My works can be viewed on Flickr or Facebook Page. If you like my photographs and would like me to cover any special event (like wedding, birthday parties etc), please drop me a line either on the Facebook page or here.