Grab Yahoo demo page has been removed, thanks to Yahoo!

December 12, 2011 - Codes, Featured, Linux, Recent News, Resources
Grab Yahoo demo page has been removed, thanks to Yahoo!

In case if you are coming to my blog to find out why Grab Yahoo demo is not available anymore – here is why. Few weeks ago I found that my hosting service has been terminated by Bluehost – reason given was that one of my domains is acting as a phishing site.

When I called up Bluehost they referred me to my Grab Yahoo demo page – which is broken for a while now. Apparently Yahoo! complained to bluehost that the demo page for Grab Yahoo is a phishing site. Well, FYI Yahoo!, this PHP script that I wrote a long long time ago uses PHP’s cURL library to authenticate users and then allow them to put their contacts in an array. Since you (Yahoo!) have been constantly changing your login forms, added captcha etc the class (Grab Yahoo) had to be modified to keep working – which I stopped doing for a while. Due to the fact that it stopped working – when authentication failed it took users to Yahoo! login page – as I had follow redirection turned on for debugging at one stage. Anyhow, if you want to validate you can always download the PHP file from – just look for Grab Yahoo.

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