How to Import Contacts from iPhone to an Android Phone

Recently I’ve switched from iPhone to Android device, HTC Evo 3D, and first thing I wanted to do (like anyone switching their handset will) to import my contacts. But to my surprise I found that iPhone stored all the contacts on the phone and there’s no way to copy/import the contact to SIM!

So, I decided to start adding the contacts one by one (manually) on my new phone and while doing it I realised that my Android phone has 3 options of storing the contacts – on the phone, on the SIM and on my Google account. So, I quickly started iTunes on the computer I used to sync my iPhone with. After connecting my iPhone I checked how the contacts are synced between iPhone and iTunes.

iTunes’ “Info” tab for the iPhone has option to sync contacts. It has options to sync contacts with Outlook, Windows Contacts, Yahoo Address Book and Google account. And that was my answer and solution for the problem. I selected Google Account, logged into it and synced. As soon as the sync was done I had all my contacts on my HTC phone. Awesomeness!