5 thoughts on “Grab Yahoo Class on phpclasses.org”

  1. Hi Ehsaan

    I have downloaded your code to get yahoo contact list from PHP classes. And when i implemented it, this gave me internal server erro. Also when i tried the demo site, it again gives the same problem of “Internal Server Error”. Can you please tell me that what is the problem. I need this code urgently.


  2. there are few classes on phpclasses.org which does this, but not sure how well they work. Personally I’ve never tried them. You can try one class from Rupom which is for Gmail.

  3. Hi friend, I liked it very its script. I installed and was functioning perfectly, and when testing it returns again: Login information incorrect, being that I checked the data and are correct, I did not make no alteration in script. What it can be happening ???

    It would like to know if it can be adapted to make the search of the gmail for example?

    From Brasil.

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