All Time Best Bangla Songs

BBC Bangla has recetnly announced The All Time 20 Best Bengali Songs.

BBC Bangla listeners nominated their 5 choices for the top list. Based on the nominations BBC Bangla created the top 20 list.

Visit the News page of BBC Bangla to listen to the songs. Here is the list of the 20 songs.

1. Amar Shonar Bangla
Author: Rabindra Nath Thakur

2. Manush Manush er Jonne
Original Author/Composer/Singer: Vupen Hazarika
Translated to Bengali by: Shibdash Benarjee

3. Amar Vai er Rokte Rangano Ekushe February
Singer: Abdul Gaffar Chowdhuri
Composer: Altaf Mahmud

4. Coffee House er Shei Adda ta aaj aar nei
Singer: Manna De
Author: Gouriproshonno Mazumdar
Composer: Shupornokanti Ghosh

5. Ek Shagor Rokte er Binimoye Banglar Shadhinota Anlo Zara
Composer: Apple Mahmud
Author: Gobindo Haldar

6. Ami Banglai Gaan Gai
Lyricist & Composer: Protul Mukharjee
Author: Mahmuduzzaman Babu

7. Mora Ekti Fulke Bachabo Bole Judhho Kori
Author: Gobindo Haldar
Composer & Singer: Apple Mahmud

8. Tumi Aaj Koto Dur
Singer: Jogonmoi Mitro
Author: Pranab Roy
Composer: Shubol Dash Gupta

9. Ek Nodi Rokto Periye
Author & Composer: Khan Ataur Rahman
Composer: Shahnaz Rahmatulla

10. Dhono Dhanno Pushpe Bhora
Author & Composer: Dijendhrolal Roy

11. Muse Jawa Din Gulo Amay Je Pisu Daake
Singer & Composer: Hemanta Mukharjee
Author: Gouriproshonno Mazumdar

12. Salam Salam Hazar Salam
Singer: Mohammad Abdul Zabbar
Author: Fazle Huda

13. Joy Bangla Banglar Joy
Author: Mazharul Anwar
Composer: Anwar Parvez

14. Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi
Author: Lalon Shah
Singer: Farida Parvin

15. Ekbar Jete De Na Amar Sotto Shonar Gaaye
Singer: Shahnaz Rahmatullah
Author: Mazharul Anwar
Composer: Anwar Parvez

16. Karar Oi Louho Kopat
Author: Kazi Najrul Islam

17. Ai Padma Ai Meghna
Singer: Farida Parvin
Author & Composer: Abu Zafar

18. Chaal Chaal Chaal Urdhogogone Baaje Madol
Author: Kazi Najrul Islam

19. Ek Tara Tui Desher Kotha Bol
Singer: Shahnaz Rahmatullah
Author: Gazi Mazharul Anwar
Composer: Anwar Parvez

20. Tumi Ki Dekheso Kobhu Jiboner Porajoy
Singer: Mohammad Abdul Zabbar

Source: “Shorbo Kaaler Shorbo Sreshtho Bangla Gaan” 3rd May 2006 BBC Bangla…..sheragaan.shtml

Among the list of 20 personally I like “Ami Banglai Gaan Gai”; ranked 6th in the list. No matter how many times I listen to the song, I never get bored of it. If I were to submit my favorite 5 songs, my list would have been:

1. Ami Banglai Gaan Gai
2. Coffee House er Shei Adda ta aaj aar nei
3. Muse Jawa Din Gulo Amay Je Pisu Daake
4. Bashi Shune Aar Kaaj Nai
(not in this list)
5. Manush Manush er Jonne


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  • Kabir


    i am looking a song. its a duet . its lyrics is

    Pirit Roton Pirit Joton Pirit Golar Har.
    if u have this song………would u please send this song to my email.

    I will be grateful to you.

    Have a best time. By……….

    Thanking you

  • sushma

    its really great

  • jahidul islam


    be best, think best, keep best.

    bye, bye, bye

  • jahidul islam


    thanx to almighty allah.

    the songs mentioned by BBC Bangla as best songs for all time all of them r my fovorite songs.but i think the order is wrong, 1st one is correct and 6th should have been in nu.2,however all the songs r good and appeallable.

  • Md. Alamgir Hossain


    i am looking a song. its singer is Farida Parvin (most probably). its lyrics is

    tumra ki vulai gaso mollika-dir nam
    sa ekhon kajol bodhu durer kuno gay (VILLAGE)

    if u have this song………would u please send this song to my email.

    I will be grateful to you.

    Have a best time. By……….

    Thanking you

  • Ehsan

    HI Aniqa,

    Unfortunately I don’t have the song’s lyrics. I will try to find it and will post a new article if I do.

    Thank you.


  • Anu Banu

    Hello! I was wondering, do you have the lyrics to the song ‘Rokto Shimul Toptp’? Because if you do, then could you please type it up for me? I really need to know the song, it’s for the 21st February. Thanks! Anu Banu (Aniqa)

  • hi do u know where i can gat … joy bangla that song so plsss if u have plsss send me gogon…

  • Interesting mix. All songs deserve the mention.

    However as this was a listener submitted list and BBC Bangla does have older slant to its listenrship I tend to belive that it biases the outcome a bit.

    Missing songs like “Dhiki Dhiki” and “Akasher Tikhana” by Miles, “Bangladesh” by James, “Ami Premay Porini” by Ayub Bacchu, “Mela” by Feedback + Bangla, Black, Cryptic Fate would all have gotten slots if a younger profile actively took part in the poll.

    Anyways a great list all the same!

  • Faisal

    I like all the songs in the list, but not in the order they are. Like, no. 20 – “Tumi Ki Dekheso Kobhu Jibeoner Porajoy”, would have been in the top 3 of my personal list. Anyway, all these songs are master pieces, I think. So no matter in what order they are they convey our voices and desires.

  • Moin

    All the songs are great. If I list my top 5 I will replace bbc’s #5 with #6. I think almost all the people loves the song “Ami banglai gaan gai”. Cheers — Moin